We bind screen and reality

At WeFoley we are absolutely devoted to making your audience believe every sound on the screen. Let our expertise ground your characters in reality or elevate them above the mundane. Our goal is to provide the foley that will back your narrative.

The Team

Our team is made up of passionate and talented individuals who share a deep love and appreciation for the art of foley. We believe foley is an essential part of the storytelling process in any audiovisual media, and we’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm with the world.

Sergei Radzievskii

Foley artist

Ivan Savelyev

Foley artist

Alexei Koloditskyi

Foley Artist

Olga Krasivicheva

Sound editor

Isabaev Ali Ablaevich

Sound editor

Natalia Zueva

Foley artist

Anton Levkin

Sound editor

Evgeniy Goryainov

Sound Editor

We work as an outsource service provider. We will be on the line as long as you need us in order to meet all your requirements. We can send in tests and dailies upon request.

You can trust us to deliver on schedule. We have the experience to work productively in short time frames. We spend time on preparation, in order to give you a strong, neat foley session.

With over 10 years of experience, we have never stoped experimenting and finding new ways to amplify the expressiveness of our work. Passion for the art and a commitment to our customers is our credo.

Exceptional recordings demand legitimate hardware. We take care to match the best suited microphones and preamps to capture the nuances of our performance.

The Studios

Recording foley in a small room has many limitations. Our spacious studios allow for vast acoustic flexibility. Diverse floor surfaces and ground pits, that go directly into the Earth. And of course, a whole arsenal of props that keeps growing with every project.

From 60$ per film minute for full coverage + editing

We have a flexible approach to your demands. If you only need partial foley coverage, we can do it. Contact us for a price quote.

Frequently asked

We deliver either a ProTools work session or a AAF/OMF depending on your needs.

Of course, if you only need to add foley in specific parts of your film we will do just that. We will follow your spotting session or cue sheets.

Sure, we want you to feel confident and we are willing to gain your trust. Contact us, and we will organise a test recording.

We will provide a bank invoice and all the documentation needed. We are based in central asia and work with all international partners.

On average, full coverage of a regular 90 minute drama will take somewhere around 12-14 calendar days to record. With editing it will take about 16-20 calendar days.

We charge per project. After seeing your film, and hearing your requests, we will make an estimate and come back to you with an offer. After the deal is made, the price won’t change.



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